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Good equipment and good quality
VIVI BUBBLE TEA introduces the concept of "technical tea" through the mechanized single setting. Let the friends who first entered the beverage store also have the skills of the master. In order to make the quality of tea easier to control, we use the mechanized operation process of fructose metering machine and other related equipment. Our equipment is used to minimize the work of human beings while maintaining the quality of tea drinks we make. In other words, it helps the owner by being more effective in saving personnel costs and store space.

You do not need to worry about the lack of space of the store, VIVI BUBBLE TEA can help you achieve the goal of “small space of the store, big profits.

VIVI BUBBLE TEA導入「科技茶飲」的概念,透過機械化的單一設定,讓初投入飲料店的朋友也有老師傅的身手。 為了讓茶飲的品質更易控管,採用果糖定量機及相關設備的機械化作業流程,將人為影響品質的因素降到最低, 不僅在茶飲品質穩定的維持上有很大的幫助,對於加盟主來說,更能有效的節省人事花費和店面空間。 小坪數的店面無須再煩惱空間不足的問題,VIVI BUBBLE TEA可以達到「小坪數,大獲利」的目標

VIVI BUBBLE TEA uses a bright pink color and a special photo pattern shown in the banner. Just like a well-known store, VIVI BUBBLE TEA has an aspect that makes it easier for customers to recognize it visual.

VIVI BUBBLE TEA以明亮的粉色系及特殊造型圖案做為企業識別旗幟,就如同知名精品般具有質感,在視覺上讓消費者更容易辨識。

With the support of the headquarters, in addition to the technical counseling, the development of different products, it will help the franchisee settle in better and feel at ease. VIVI BUBBLE TEA is made up with delicious fruit tea series, the light taste and low calories, a soft blend of flavors, and the freshness cup of fruit tea to drink. One drink makes up the sweetness in your mouth. It captures the hearts of young people.

在總部的後勤支援上,除了技術的輔導之外,具有特色的商品開發更讓加盟主覺得安心。VIVI BUBBLE TEA好喝的新鮮水果系列,味道淡雅、低卡低熱量,配上軟滑的寒天凍,加上新鮮的果肉,滿口香甜,更擄獲年輕人的心。

Why join you ask yourself? Well the franchise headquarters usually has a set of successful logistics, management, finance, marketing and other processes already to help with your business. The franchisee only needs to directly copy these successful experiences such as, avoid any initial exploration and wrong experiences, and avoid the cost of logistic support such as research and development, personnel, management and etc. Franchisee should concentrate on the stores operations and improve the chances of success in entrepreneurship. According to the statistics of Taiwan Association of Associations, the success rate of joining entrepreneurs is 80%. There are as many as 1.1 million small and medium size enterprises in Taiwan. For many years, business has been fighting alone. There are generally “small and weak” characteristics about opening a business such as lack of capitalism, weak physical strength and the lack of power. However, joining the franchise system, the amount of work and problem can be shared. With franchising with a company, you share the successful experience of people, and the pattern of successful experience of the past. Have your spirit of entrepreneurship ready.

In conclusion, joining includes the shortening of exploration period of entrepreneurship, you are not required to have a high degree of education or any professional skills, entrepreneurs can concentrate on the operations of the store. It also reduces the change of entrepreneurship, showing brand benefits, reducing the benefits of opening stores and operating cost and greatly improving the success. And most importantly opportunity.

為什麼要加盟?加盟總部通常已有一套成功的物流、管理、財務、行銷等流程,加盟業者只需要直接複製這些成功經驗,免去創業初期的摸索、錯誤經驗,免去研發、人事、管理等後勤支援的成本,專心在店面經營,大大提昇創業成功機率,根據台灣加盟促進協會會員統計發現,加盟創業成功機率達8成。 尤其台灣中小企業高達110萬家,長久以來習慣單打獨鬥,普遍存有「小、弱、散」特性,也就是資本額小、體質弱、力量分散的缺失,而加入加盟體系可直接分享前人成功經驗,把成功經驗模式直接複製,只要準備好創業的精神就可以了。


  • Traffic: The flow of the people around the area, the flow of car. Ask yourself, if it is good to buy, or even if the opposite lane is safe.
  • Population: Identify who would spend their money on our products at the location you chose. Students or workers?
  • Business attraction: Will the products attract customers around the neighborhood? Do you believe the customers will come in?
  • Competitor stores around: Number of competitive stores, main competitive brands, pricing strategies and promotion methods.
  • Reasonable rent: The rent should be reasonable compared to the nearby stores.
  • 交通動線:店面人潮、車潮的流量,是否好停車購買,對面車道是否有安全。
  • 人口數:附近消費力,主要是在學生或上班族?消費力?
  • 商圈吸引力:商圈內的產品是否產品齊全,包羅萬象,能吸引消費人口前來。
  • 競爭店家:競爭店家數、主要領導競爭品牌、訂價策略、促銷方法。
  • 租金合理:與附近店家比較是否合理。

Evaluate the capital needs: assess how much money you need to prepare for your own business and then see how much you can get from your funds. If you do not have enough, think about the ways you get the most favorable loans and reduce the cost of capital. An overall inspection of venture capital will help you consider the scale and direction of the initial business.


Before opening the store:

  • Detailed location assessment
  • According to the type of business around the area, a regional operational strategy will be drawn up.
  • Guarantee regional business circles and identify their competitive advantages
  • Professional store design and dynamic planning
  • The pleasing bar display, perfect cashier line plan, chic signboards and special style decoration.
  • Complete business technology transfer and education training.
  • Before opening the store, you should completed Know- how
  • 詳細的地點評估及商圈調查。
  • 針對經營區域型態差異,擬定區域經營作戰策略。
  • 保障區域商圈,發揮優勢競爭力。
  • 專業的店舖設計與動線規劃。
  • 賞心悅目的吧台陳列、完善的動線規劃、別緻的招牌、特殊風格的裝潢。
  • 完整的經營技術傳授及教育訓練。
  • 開店前完整經營事業Know-how轉移

After opening the store:

  • Logistic distribution services.
  • Free follow-up technical consulting services
  • Headquarters will assign a commissioner who is responsible for the operation coaching for each franchise store and will provide improvement plans and recommendation for each franchise.
  • Annual large-scale promotion plan.
  • The headquarters has a research and development department and they are responsible for the replacement of productions, and adjusts product strategies. They help develop new products with marketing strategies to attract more customers. The research department will also provide the latest business information and marketing intelligence for each franchise store.
  • 物流配送服務。
  • 免費後續技術諮詢服務。
  • 總部指派專員負責每家加盟店的營運輔導,提供各加盟店改善方案與建議。
  • 年度大規模促銷活動企劃。
  • 總部設有研發部門,負責產品的汰舊換新,並依市場變化狀況,調整 品策略及研發具市場競爭力的新產品上市。
  • 提供各加盟店最新經營訊息與市場情報。

Process of Franchising

Process of Franchising image1

Complete a inquiry form and send it to Vivi main office

Process of Franchising image2

Consult a sales representative via email or phone

Process of Franchising image3 Process of Franchising image3

Schedule a meeting for futher more details

Process of Franchising image4

Receive franchise disclosure document (FDD)

Process of Franchising image5

Find a suitable location (the Vivi bubble Tea Team will provide professional recommendations for location screening and final approval)

Process of Franchising image6 Process of Franchising image6

Sign franchise agreement and lease for approved store location

Process of Franchising image7

Store Renovation (the Viv bubble Tea Team will provide a standard store layout and interior design)

Process of Franchising image8

Training Program (provided for up to two people and usually finishes in three weeks)

Process of Franchising image9

Grand Opening (the Vivi bubble tea Team will have a senior staff member present to assist you during the grand opening period to ensure smooth store operation)